A Water Resources Management Information System

WaterWare Palestinian case study

Sponsor: University of Newcastle/ODA,
Palestinian Hydrology Group
Country: UK, Palestine
Duration: 1995 -1996

In a case study application to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, a hydrological information system, based on the WaterWare water resources management information system was developed in collaboration with the University of Newcastle, sponsored by ODS funds. Color Icon
The system integrates an object-oriented data base for hydrological time series observations with basic tools for statistical analysis and display. The stations data are coupled to the GIS. The georeferencing of the observation data supports spatial analysis such as test of spatial homogeneity, and spatial interpolation of appropriate climatic variables such as precipitation or temperature. Color Icon
The system provides a data base of water resources, primarily precipitation measurements and well (flow) data, together with a set of integrated analytical tools for their analysis. A number of statistical test are designed to evaluate the data sets and to compare stations and observation periods. Color Icon
The water resources data and their analysis are the first step in developing a management information system that eventually should be capable of supporting decisions on water allocation at a sustainable basis, in particular for the area's most important groundwater resources. Color Icon

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