WaterWare: Economic assessment and Multi-criteria Optimization

WaterWare provides tools for a basic economic assessment in terms of distributed:

  • costs of water supply (annualized capital investment, operations)
  • benefits of water use (added value by demands met, hydropower production),
  • indirect costs (penalties for shortfalls),
  • indirect benefits (benefits for (quality) compliance, including ecological demands),
  • flooding damages (non linear function of extent and duration).

The economic criteria are part of the overall scenario results, and a detailed economic summary provides a sectoral assessment. This basic economic assessment provides the basis for Optimization: given a set of objectives and constraints, for the criteria provided by the WRM model as well as instruments (policy measures, management alternatives, or structural, technological change) the optimization model will find the most efficient combination of measure or instruments to meet the constraints and further the objectives.

A multi-stage, multi-objective, multi-criteria optimization approach is used, based on the full node by node daily resolution of the dynamic simulation model, implemented as a combination of heuristics, local gradient search, a genetic programming framework, a discrete mult-criteria method combining a satisficing screening level to generate feasible and non-dominated pareto efficient solutions for a subsequent interactive discrete multi-criteria (reference point) approach to identify effcient compromise solutions. A similar hybrid approach is available for the STREAM water quality model.

OPTIMIZATION tools and documentation:
  • D03.1 Water Resources Modelling Tools
  • D03.2 Basic Optimization Model
  • D03.3 Discrete Multi-Criteria Optimization

  • Optimization: alternatives, ranked

    Summary, technology applications, costs

    Details for a single alternative

    Water technology: desalination

    Water technology: leakage control

    Water technology: drip irrigation

    DMC/DSS: projecting results

    DMC/DSS: projecting results

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