WaterWare:   Lerma-Chapala, Mexico

Sponsor: National Water Commission, Queretaro
Country: Mexico
Partners: Grupo Profesional Planeación y Proyectos, S.A de C.V. (PYPSA) Naucaplan, México;
Thames Water International (TWI), Reading, Berkshire, UK

The Lerma case study is based on the WaterWare river basin management information systems, and incorporates the basic framework with GIS, data bases, and the hypertext system. Specific models linked are a rain-fall runoff model (RRM), a water resources allocation model (WRM), and a stochastic, steady-state water quality model (TOMCAT). A generic river network editor and scenario handler provides a common data structure for these models.

For more information on the WaterWare system, its architecture and functionality, see Fedra and Jamieson (1996) An object-oriented approach to model integration: a river basin information system example (HYDROGIS'96).

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Systems components and functions include:

  • a set of data bases for numerous classes of river basin objects, and time series of observation data, with basic statistical data analysis tools;
  • a geographical information system for georeferenced information, including standard point, line, and polygon data, and cell grids (digital elevation model and satellite imagery (Landsat TM);
  • a generic river network representation, with interactive design and editing;
  • several linked simulation models for scenario analysis, featuring an embedded expert system for parameter estimation.

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