SMART:  Sustainable Management of Scarce Resources
in the Mediterranean Coastal Zone


The coastal zones of the Mediterranean are undergoing rapid development with growing and conflicting demands on the natural resources, and at the same time they are subject to often irreversible degradation of these resources and thus the very basis for development.

Water resources and the related land use issues are a key element for the sustainable development of coastal regions. They illustrate the dependency of the usually dynamic and fast growing coastal areas on their resource catchment. SMART has developed methods and tools for long-term policy analysis and strategic decision support for integrated coastal development with special emphasis on water resources and land use, and the resource balance between the coastal region and inland areas. The approach is based on a multi-sectoral integration of quantitative and qualitative analysis, combining advanced tools of quantitative systems engineering, using numerical simulation models, with methods of environmental, socio-economic and policy impact assessment using rule-based expert systems technology and interactive decision support methods.

Water resources modeling including both quantitative and qualitative aspects provides the framework for policy scenarios, exploring different development strategies, the consequences and implications of demographic, socio-economic, and technological development, and the interaction of these driving forces towards long-term sustainability of the coastal regions and their hinterland.

  SMART brings together partners from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Italy, France, Portugal, and Austria, with case studies in each of the Mediterranean partner countries.

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