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In the European Community legislated there are extensive regulations dealing with the requirements for chemical safety, from the level of individual chemicals to that of chemical production and storage plants, transportation, and hazardous waste management.

At the core of all these directives, regulations and laws on chemical safety is the Material Safety Data Sheet, MSDS.

There are major differences between American und European Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) which make them unique and and difficult to reconcile: RiskWare offers a choice of styles. See, for example:

In accordance with directive 91/155/EEC (amended as 93/112/EC) an MSDS has to include the following 16 articles:

Section 1: Identification of the substance and manufacturer
Section 2: Composition / information on ingredients
Section 3: Hazard identification
Section 4: First aid measures
Section 5: Fire-fighting measures
Section 6: Accidental release measures
Section 7: Handling and storage
Section 8: Exposure controls / personal protection
Section 9: Physical and chemical properties
Section 10: Stability and reactivity
Section 11: Toxicological information
Section 12: Ecological information
Section 13: Disposal considerations
Section 14: Transport information
Section 15: Regulatory information
Section 16: Other information

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