OPTIMA: Optimisation   for Sustainable
Water Resources Management

OPTIMA: shared modelling tools

OPTIMA uses on a number of interactive tools and models for natural resources analysis.

These tools are applied in the parallel Case Studies, exploring strategies for optimizing the water resources in each case.

This includes the WaterWare   system, a river basin scale water resources management information and decision support system, that is a central part of the OPTIMA project. WaterWare describes a dynamic water budget for a given catchment in terms of water demand and supply, allocation policies, efficiency of use, water quality, and the economics of demand and supply.

The   basic data requirements   for each case study are described on-line, including the links to on-line data bases for
Stakeholders and Institutions   and   Water Resources Issues.

The main elements are operational in a web environment accessible with a standard web browser and the associated on-line manual pages include a Rainfall-Runoff Model (RRM) and its automatic calbration tool (RRMCAL) , and the Water Resources Model (WRM) with its on-line editor (WRME); which is the basis for the optimization approach:

As an auxiliary tool, exploring one of the basic inputs and driving conditions, a dynamic land-use change model (LUC) is also available:

User Access:

Named accounts to access the tools and manage your individual scenarios have been implemented for:

  • atlantis - cnt - elard - ipcri - ncrs - sumer - uh2m - ujo

The system can also be accessed as user:   guest (with password:   guest).

Please note that SMART partners, for historical reasons, have a different password from the new OPTIMA group of partners.


All the above tools are under continuing development and (hopefully) improvement; please let us have your comments, questions, bug reports both on the tools and the manual pages. We appreciate your feedback as it is one of the most efficient ways for us to improve the system   --   for you.

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