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Fedra, K. (2005)
Water Resources Modelling at the River Basin Scale (tutorial, acepted for presentation at:)
IASTED/SMO 2005, Oranjestad, Aruba, August 2005.

Tutorial:   Water Resources Modeling at the River Basin Scale

Expected duration: half-day (4 hours with possible extension to full day if hands-on sessions are technically feasible.)
Audience: professionals or modelers in the water resources domain

The tutorial will introduce, discuss in detail, and demonstrate with live examples from ongoing EU sponsored INCO projects (SMART, OPTIMA) a Water Resources Model System.

Emphasis will be on the modeling process at the river basin scale and the integration of several models into one consistent system.

Component models are:

  1. A dynamic rainfall-runoff model with automatic calibration (sub-catchment scale)
  2. An irrigation water demand model
  3. A dynamic water resources model (basin scale, river network)
  4. A dynamic water quality model for DO/BOD and conservative or first order decaying pollutants, post-processing the results from the water resources model.
Topics addressed:
  1. Water Resources Problems and information requirements
  2. River basin scale (EU Directive 2000/60/EC)
  3. A topological model: nodes and reaches
  4. Object oriented data representation
  5. Inputs (start nodes):
    • Tributaries, wells, inter basin transfer, desalination, water harvesting
    • Sub-catchment rainfall runoff model
    • Automatic model calibration
  6. Demand nodes:
    • Irrigation water demand model
  7. Reservoirs
  8. Groundwater coupling (conjunctive use)
  9. System performance criteria (supply/demand, reliability)
  10. Optimization approaches, decision support
  11. Water quality modeling
  12. Implementation: web based client-server

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