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      CityWare Image Gallery

      This includes a collection of screendumps (thumbnails leading to the full-resolution dumps) from a range of CityWare components and application examples from cities such as Vienna, (Austria), Seoul (Korea), Nicosia (Cyprus), Valletta (Malta), Tehran (Iran), Sisak (Croatia), Izmir (Turkey), Lima (Peru), Porto do Acu (Brazil), Selaata (Lebanon), Al Gharbia (UAE) illustrating the range of functionality and the associated user interface.

      Each of the images below serves as a link to the full sized screen dump.

      Architecture network diagram (AirWare) Common architecture block diagram
      5 day air quality forecast, overview
      automatic forecast, main page
      Hourly air quality nowcast (AirWare) Hourly scenarios, thumbnails Regional DUST model
      Lima, start page
      Lima, street level (AirWare) Population exposure, street level
      City data base

      Urban landuse editor
      Real-time monitoring Monitoring station: airport Meteorological monitoring station Monitoring time series
      Monitoring time series, zoomed in Monitoring station homogeneity Model validation
      Ensemble results, validation
      Emission control technology DB Industrial emission source Indoor air pollution
      Indoor air pollution
      QA/QC database monitoring Airport: 3D TOL simulation Landuse dynamics: Al Gharbia, 2008
      Landuse dynamics: Al Gharbia, 2037
      Landuse dynamics, transition matrix
      Landuse class editor
      Landuse indicator dynamics
      Urban GIS example
      Urban plots data base
      Meteo forecast, dynamic downscaling

      Meteo scenario (AERMET files)
      AQ Model validation example
      Emission scenario (Seoul)
      Traffic simulation (Seoul)

      Local traffic (Tehran)
      Scenario compairson and delta

      Mobile device support

      Installatio permitting: granted

      Installation permitting: denied

      Endangered species data base

      NIR source: antenna tower

      NIR emission source characteristics

      NIR source, impact zones

      NIR population exposure

      urban flooding

      Coastal water quality: RO plant outlet

      Chemical industry discharge

      Sources of noise data base

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