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      Technological risk management

      urban areas and conglomerates are characterized by a very high population density, but also a concentration of technical infrastructure, including hazardous substances. In the European Union, the "Seveso Directive 2003/105/EC, amending 96/82/EC on the control of major-accidents hazards involving dangerous substances" defines the corresponding regulatory framework.

      Technological risk from

      • industrial/commercial operations (see also: the EMIS system a generic Environmental Management Information System framework designed primarily for industrial operations;
      • transportation (of hazardous materials)
      • any other type of technological or environmental hazards such as fires, collapse of structures, air plane crash, but also storms, floods, earthquakes etc.
      needs timely and reliable decision relevant information for first responders and emergency management.

      CityWare optionally integrates a number of tools for the assessment and management of these risks and accidents,
      combined in the RiskWare system, designed for

      • Risk assessment and analysis, using classical stochastic modeling tools and accident scenarios;
      • Emergency management, based on a real-time expert system that drives simulation models that predict the evolution and impacts from an emergency, the HITERM system;
      • Risk training, a web-based eLearning system, the A-TEAM system.

      Typical applications include:

      Auxiliary tools and information resources include hazardous substances/MSDS, industrial waste stream data base.

      Key indicators are location, timing, and severity (population exposure, material damage) of any of the accidents and emergencies.

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