Urban Environmental Management
Regional Development Planning
    CityWare: urban environmental management

    Sources and contributions

      CityWare integrates the results from a range of international RTD projects:

      • ECOSIM, and Environmental Telematics applications project for cities;
      • GAIA, and INCO-DC project for environmental education;
      • E!1388 AIDAIR a EUREKA project on urban air quality;
      • SIMTRAP, an Esprit project on urban transportation and air quality;
      • HITERM, an Esprit project on technological risk management;
      • ENV-e-City: Towards an Environmentally Viable Electronic City.
      • SUTRA:   Sustainable Urban Transportation for the City of Tomorrow
      • RiskWare/NIR:   assessment of non-ionizing radiation, Genova/Liguria
      • WEBAIR developing web based solution for urban air quality assessment and management;

      These projects provide a wide range of physiographical, socio-economic, and institutional conditions for the development and application testing of CityWare components, tools and functionality.

      CityWare combines elements of several thematic software systems:

      as well as a range of embedded utilities and tools including eLearning for intelligent manuals and tutorials.

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