Research Papers on Dispersion Modeling and Risk Analysis

Fedra, K. (2000)
Environemntal Information and Decision Support Systems. Informatik - Informatique 4/2000 (in print).
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Fedra, K. (in print)
Model-based Decision Support for Integrated Urban Air Quality Management. In: Air Quality Management (Advances in Air Pollution Series), WIT Press.
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Fedra, K. (2000)
Urban environmental management: monitoring, GIS and modeling. Computers, Environment and urban Systems 23(1999) 443-457

Fedra, K. and Winkelbauer, L. (1999)
A hybrid expert system, GIS and simulation modeling for environmental and technological risk management. In: Environmental Decision Support Systems and Artificial Intelligence, Technical Report WS-99-07, pp 1-7, AAAI Press, Menlo Park, CA.
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Fedra, K. (1999)
Urban Environmental Management. Integrating Monitoring, GIS and Simulation Models. GIM International, 7/13, 28-31.

Fedra, K., Karatzas, K. and Moussiopoulos, N. (1999)
Integrated urban environmental management: Monitoring, simulation, decision support. In: N.Moussiopoulo [ed.]: Research in the Fields of Energy and the Environment. Selected Scientific Articles of the Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering. pp. 101-109. Thessaloniki.

Fedra, K., Haurie, H. (1998)
A decision support system for air quality management combining GIS and optimization techniques. Int. J. Environment and Pollution Vol.12, Nos.1/2, 1999 pp000-000 [in print].

Fedra, K. (1998)
High Performance Computing for Environmental Management:
Monitoring, Simulation, Decision Support.
Presented at the IST'98 workshop: IST Applications and Services for Environmental Management in European Cities and Regions, Austria Center Vienna, December 2, 1998.
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Fedra, K. (1998)
Integrated Risk Assessment and Management: Overview and State-of-the-Art.
Journal of Hazardous Materials, 61 (1998) 5-22.
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Fedra, K. (1997)
Integrated Environmental Information Systems: from data to information. In: N.B. Harmancioglu, M.N. Alpaslan, S.D.Ozkul, and V.P. Singh [eds.]: Integrated Approach to Environmental Data Management Systems, 367-378. Kluwer, Dordrecht.
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Fedra, K. (1995)
Chemicals in the Environment: GIS, Models, and Expert Systems. In James Devillers [Ed.] Toxicology Modelling. Vol. 1, No. 1. Carfax Publishing Company, UK. pp. 43-55.
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Fedra, K. and E. Weigkricht (1995)
Integrated Information Systems for Technological Risk Assessment. In G.E.G. Beroggi and W.A. Wallace [Eds.] Computer Supported Risk Management. Kluwer Academic Publishers. Dordrecht. The Netherlands. pp. 213-232.
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Weigkricht, E. and Fedra, K. (1995)
Decision Support Systems for Dangerous Goods Transportation. INFOR vol 32, no. 5. May 1995, pp 84-99.
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Fedra, K. (1994)
GIS and environmental modeling. In: M.F. Goodchild, B.O. Parks and L.T. Steyaert [eds.] Environmental Modeling with GIS. 35-50, Oxford University Press.
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Fedra, K. (1993)
Clean Air - Air Quality Modelling and Management. In: Mapping Awareness and GIS in Europe. Volume 7 No. 6. July/August. A Miles Arnold Publication. pp. 24-27.

Lassarre, S., Fedra, K. and Weigkricht, E. (1993)
Computer-Assisted Routing of Dangerous Goods for Haute-Normandie. Journal of Transportation Engineering, Vol. 119, No.2. pp. 200-210.

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