Technological Risk Management:
The XENVIS information system

The XENVIS GIS integrates vector, polygone, and raster coverages, as well as reference points for specific spatial objects. The functionality of the GIS includes arbitrary zooming, and the interactive editing of legend colors, and the interactive preparation of hardcopies.

The background map is based on a lanuse map derived from about 450 mapsheets 1:25,000, includeing approximately 50 landuse classes. As an example, individual map sheets 1:100,000 and 1:25000 have been scanned. Additional line features in the base map include the transportation network (rail, major roads, which is also used for a separate transportation module), canals, pipelines, and high-voltage elitrical lines. Thematic overalys include groundwater protection zones, city boundaries, and (gridded) population density.

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Many objects like hazardous installations or weather stations can be identified on the map, and their data loaded from the respective data bases for display and further analysis, including the simulation of toxic spills to surface water systems and atmospheric releases.

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