Urban Ecology Seminar:
Technology Enhanced
Blended Learning

    A Reading List

    This is NOT "just" about Urban Ecology, but considerably broader, including a bit of science function, philosophy, theory of science and related fun topics.
    Just in case you DO manage to lay your handson any one and even read it (chapeau !), claim your Brownie points by submitting a short recension to the discussion board ?

      Anderer, J., McDonald, A. and Nebojsa Nakicenovic (1981)
      Energy in a Finite World. Paths to a Sustainable Future.   225 pp., Ballinger, Cambridge.
      Bertalanffy, L. von (1968)
      General SYSTEM THEORY. Foundations, Development, Applications.   Revised Edition, 295 pp., George Braziller, New York
      Feyerabend, P. (1978)
      Science in a Free Society   221 pp., NLB, London.
      Gleick, J. (1987)
      CHAOS. Making a New Science.   352 pp., Penguin Books, New York.
      Heller, J. (1961)
      Catch-22.   463 pp., Dell Publishing, New York.
      Kapp, K.W. (1977)
      Soziale Kosten der Marktwirtschaft.   264 pp., Fischer alternativ, Frankfurt/Main.
      Lomborg, B. (2001)
      The sceptical environmentalist. Measuring the Real State of the World.   515 pp., Cambridge Univesity Press, Cambridge.
      McCutcheon, R. (1979)
      Limits of a Modern World. A Study of the 'Limits to Growth' Debate.   112 pp., Butterworth, London.
      Odum, E.P. (1975)
      Ecology: The Link Between the Natural and Social Sciences.   2nd. ed. 244pp., Holt Rinehart and Winston, London.
      Odum, H.T. (1971)
      Environment, Power and Society.   331 pp., WIley Interscience, New York.
      Radkau, J. (2011)
      Die Ära der Ökologie. Eine Weltgeschichte   782 pp., C.H.Beck, München.
      Popper, K.R. (1972)
      The Logic of Scientific Discovery.   480 pp., Hutchinson, London.
      Reichholf, J.H. (2007)
      Eine kurze Naturgeschichte des letzten Jahrtausends.   336 pp., S.Fischer, Frankfurt a. Main

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