The second year of the project was dedicated to the objectives of the third Milestone namely the end of tool development phase. As a result, the following models are now operational, implemented and tested with first city data;
  • MARKAL energy modelling system
  • VISUM multi-modal transportation model
  • TREM emission model
  • VADIS dynamic street canyon model
  • OFIS regional air quality (ozone model)
  • Post-processing tools around a city-level air quality modelling system AirWare including and expert system for rule-based assessment.
The organisational and communication structure for the project was maintained with a project web server and mailing list ( addition, a dedicated web server was installed for the on-line tools of the third project phase at As in the first year, electronic communication has proved very effective despite the geographical distribution of partners.

Several technical and administrative meetings were held, leading up to the mid-term assessment in Genova, January 28-29, 2002 which resulted in a positive assessment of the project and a solid basis for its continuation towards the third year of final comparative analysis of the case studies.

In addition to the model development and testing in the individual cities, technical work proceeded on the definition of indicators for sustainable urban development with emphasis on the transportation sector and related land use. These indicators are the basis for the model-based scenario analysis and eventual comparative evaluation in SUTRA. In parallel, the city partners responsible for local implementation of the case studies in Buenos Aires, Geneva, Genoa, Gdansk, Lisbon, Tel Aviv and Thessaloniki continued the compilation and analysis of the model data. In general, all technical tasks in the first set of work packages proceeded smoothly and well coordinated according to plan, without major technical problems encountered. The basic set of models (transportation, energy, emissions, street canyon modelling, regional air quality) has been made operational, and the basic data for the next step of scenario analysis are in place. The systematic analysis of the common and city specific development scenarios has started.

In the related LUTR cluster, SUTRA continued to host a common web server for the group of projects involved (http;// which was merged into the new portal at http:/

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