Project On-line Deliverables: D06.1
EIA Methodology (Report)

Programme name: Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
Research Programme: 1.1.4. - 4.4.1, 4.1.1
Project acronym: SUTRA
Contract number: EVK4-CT-1999-00013
Project title: Sustainable Urban Transportation
Project Deliverable: D06.1
Related Work Package:   WP 06   EIA Methodology
Type of Deliverable: RE   Technical Report
Dissemination level: RES   Restricted
Document Author: Kurt Fedra, ESS
Edited by: Kurt Fedra, ESS
Reviewed by:  
Document Versions: 1.1
Revision history: 1.1: 2002 05 10
First Availability: 2001 09 07
First Due Date: 2001 09 30
Final Due Date: 2002 07 31
Last Modification: 2002 05 10
Hardcopy delivered to: Eric Ponthieu   DG XII-DI.4 (SDME 4/73)
Rue de la Loi, 200   B-1049 Brussels, Belgium

Environmental Impact Assessment, rule-based expert system, data requirements, data formats, Indicators, scenarios, model inputs, land use, meteorological data, transportation modeling fleet composition, emission coefficients, air quality, street canyons, hot spots, population exposure, impact assessment.

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