Project On-line Deliverables: D03.1
Multi-model transportation modeling

Programme name: Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
Research Programme: 1.1.4. - 4.4.1, 4.1.1
Project acronym: SUTRA
Contract number: EVK4-CT-1999-00013
Project title: Sustainable Urban Transportation
Project Deliverable: D03.1
Related Work Package:   WP 03   Multi-Modal Transportation Modeling
Type of Deliverable: RE   Technical Report
Dissemination level: RES   Restricted
Document Author: Paul Janko, ptv
Edited by: Paul Janko, ptv
Reviewed by:  
Document Versions: 1.0 (inital DRAFT)
Revision history:  
First Availability: 2001 08 07
First Due Date: 2001 07 31
Final Due Date: 2002 07 31
Last Modification: 2001 08 07
Hardcopy delivered to: Eric Ponthieu   DG XII-DI.4 (SDME 4/73)
Rue de la Loi, 200   B-1049 Brussels, Belgium


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