Spatial Planning Seminar:
Technology Enhanced
Blended Learning
and their Brownie Points price list

Evaluation is based on active participation; the computer keeps track, counting access, lectures "done", posts to the discussion forum, and a few more optional activities, plus the final term paper (key is submitting it, on time, end of June ?!).

The current student evaluation and standing is always accessible on-line ....
Brownie points: in modern usage are a hypothetical social currency, which can be acquired by doing good deeds.

  • The basics: register, submit a profile (fast, gets extra points)
  • Post to the discussion board (good); respond to a post (even better);
  • Visit the Seminar Home Page (and do something useful there ...)
  • Complete an on-line lecture (minimum time spent, minimum of pages viewed, maximum pages skipped,
  • Submit a comment, question, correction to any one of the lecture units (in-lecture comment button);
  • Suggest a new term for the glossary, edit a description, submit a complete entry.
  • Submit an external link with a short description;
  • Submit a paper (PDF) with abstract and complete reference;
  • Build and run a model scenario that illustrates some interesting concept; discuss the scenario results or any problems encountered on the board;
  • Select and announce a term paper topic;
  • Discuss it on-line;
  • Submit for discussion to the web forum;
  • Find a BUG or error, suggest the correction.


  • the "first" for anything gets extra points;
  • prolonged inactivity gets deductions;
  • balanced contributions get extra points;
  • completely missing elements like no discussion post or no lectures gets deductions.

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