SMART: Sustainable Management
of Scarce Resources
in the Coastal Zone

Project Related Publications

S.Nasr1, M. El-Raey1, M. El- Shenawy2, M. Okbah3, A, Abulsoeud4, M. El-Hattab1, M. Abdel Khalik1
Assessment of Water Quality of Abu-Qir Bay along the Mediterranean coast of Egypt

    1- Institute of Graduate Studies & Research, Alex. University
    2- National Research center
    3- National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries
    4- Egyptian Environment Affairs Agency

Paper submitted to EARSEL Symposium at Dubrovnik, May 2004


The present study is based on continuous monitoring of Abu-Qir Bay along the Mediterranean coast of Egypt for five years extending from 1998 up to 2002. Monitoring programme for Abu-Qir Bay included bacteriological parameters (Total coliform, E. coliand feacal streptococci), physical parameters (salinity, conductivity, PH, depth, temperature, dissolved oxygen and transparency) and chemical or eutrophication parameters (nitrite, nitrate, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, ammonium, reactive phosphate, reactive silicate, chlorophyll a and suspended particulate matter. The aim of the present investigation is to establish a baseline knowledge of the water quality through continuoussurvey from which a database is built up and to assess the state of pollution in Abu-Qir Bay. In general, gradual improvement for the water quality of Abu-Qir Bay have been noticed during the period of the investigated (1998-2002) continuous surveillance and enforcement of the Egyptian environmental law (No. 4/1994) are the main reasons for this improvement.


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