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Aqaba, Jordan: Air quality monitoring and modeling

Monitoring data example:
30 year reference climate data from the Gulf (Eilat Station).
The example shows one possible configuration of the time-series display and analysis tool, with the header block including a map (station location) and statistical information, and one or more graphs of the actual time series (monitoring) data below.

Configuration options support one or more graphs, with one or two variables per graph. Interactive selections include station, variable, period, and level of temporal aggregation.

Emission inventory: road network A transportation network (scenario) is shown in terms of its components road segment. These are displayed, in parallel, on the map to the right and the ranked list (ranking by a user selected attribute) with color coded histogram on the left.
  • Different attributes can be selected for the ranking.

    Basic statistics of the network (scenario) are shown in a separate table below.

  • Emission inventory: road network
    Selecting a road segment from either the ranked list or the map leads to the display of an individual segment so selected, and its attributes.

    The immediate neighbouhood of the segment select is shown on the map, a list of segment attributes and their values including emission values, are shown.

    Optionally, arbitrary hypertext including digital imagery (photos, video sequences) can be shown under the segment attribute table to provide more information and context.

    Emission inventory: industrial point sources
    Similar to the transportation network, and its components segments as line sources, industrial stacks as point sources of pollutant emission are stored in a relational data base. On the first or ranking page, the full list is shown ranked again by a user selected attribute, while summary emisison statistics for the pollutant selected and shown are summarised below.

    The location of the individual sources is shown, in parallel, on the map. Sources for individual display can be selected from either the ranked listing or the map.

    Emission inventory: industrial point sources
    For an individual point source, there is again a display of all attributes, as well as a local map showing the surrounding of the source.

    Each emission source can be linked to an associated monitoring station and data set, but also directly to the simulation model for one or a set of sources.

    Other, simlar spatially distributed objects can be managed and displayed in the same style; typical examples are the demans- and supply-nodes of the water resources system.

    Air quality modeling

    The emisison data together with meteorological data (historical, real-time observations, or regular forecasts) can be used to run one or more air quality models such as the ISC (industrial Source Complex) model, or more complex dynamic 3D codes such as TIMES.

    A scenario selection pages suport the selection of the various modeling tools, but also of different scenarios - set of assumptions regarding the emission sources.

    Air quality modeling
    The scenario shown consists of a combination of the road network with a few industrial sources. Please note that the source location and emission strength are hypothetical and only for demonstration purposes.

    The model is run under assumptions of steady state for both the metorology and the emission strength.oAs such it is representative for events of one or afew hours duration.

    The resulting concentration field is shown as a color coded overaly over the map. Monitoring data can be integrated with the model results through data assimilation.

    Air quality modeling
    Interactive tools support the configuration of display parameters to select alternative display styles, or trigger auxiliary functions for impact assessment such as an estimate of population exposure, compliance with air quality standard, or similar..

    For alternative dynamic models, a multi-media player can represent the modle output as a movie, e.g., over a 24 hour period to analyse the effects of a sea breeze.

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