SMART: Sustainable Management
of Scarce Resources
in the Coastal Zone

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Aqaba Special Economic Zone, Jordan

The shoreline of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone extends from the Israeli border in the North-West to the Saudi Arabian border in the South.

Variable activities along the shore, including heavy industry, shipping, construction, tourism, and protected areas lead to some diversity in the immediate sublittoral. WHile the diversity of coral is generally high, fish density especially for larger species is comparatively low, mechanical damage to coral is idespread, and macro-pollution (tires, cans, bottles, plastic) reaches high levels in some locations.

Jetty at the Royal Diving Club

A common view: Michelin spp.

Entry close to the ferry docks

Coral breakage

and healthy corals

Sedimentation experiments at the MSS

coral groups on sandy bottom

and plastic refuse

bigger fish

and smaller fish over a table coral

soft corals

and sponges

fish and corals

seagrass meadows in the shallows


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