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Section 9:   Physical and chemical properties

This section of the MSDS might be very extensive; the data here are not only stored in hypertext format, they are also accessible through the data base interface.

The section lists all data relevant to security, like ignition temperature, flash point, self ignition temperature, explosion limits, vapour pressure, density etc.

It should also, where appropriate, list the method by, or the reference from which, these data have been obtained.

The calculation of the classification according to 67/548/EEC is based on many physical and chemical data mentioned in this section.


    Form:                   liquid
    Colour:                 colourless
    Odour:                  characteristic, slightly pungent
    Boiling point:          77 oC
    Solidifying point:      -82 oC
    Density:                0.80 g/ml @20 oC
    Vapour pressure:        120 mbar @20 oC
    Viscosity:              0.4 mPa s @20 oC
    Solubility in water:    73.5 g/l @20 oC
    pH value:               7.8-9.5 (stabilized with ammonia)  6.0-8.0 (stabilized with MHQ)
    Partion coefficient:    log P octanol/water = 0.09 -0.3
    Flash point:            -5 oC (DIN 51755)
    Ignition temp.:         480 oC (DIN 51794)
    Explosive limits:       lower 2.8% by vol.     upper 28% by vol.
    Vapour density:         1.83 (air=1)
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