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Section 8:   Exposure controls/personal protection

Many countries have developed occupational exposure limits which have to be monitored during work time. In Germany, for example, there are

  • MAK (maximum occupational exposure limit),
  • TRK (technically realizable concentration) and
  • BAT (biological occupational tolerance)
values providing exposure limits. These values, as reported in the literature, are subject to changes and revision and must be updated on a regular basis.

Personal protective equipment is a major topic in this section of the MSDS: it should include specific advice about:

    respiratory protection hand protection eye protection
    body protection hygiene measures

The MSDS should mention not only that there has to be protection, but name the kind of measures as well. There are cases where it is not sufficient to request protective gloves without mentioning suitable materials, for example.


    Respiratory protection: respiratory equipment with type ABEK filter.
    Wear breathing apparatus with separate air supply 
    (compressed air respirator, tube apparatus) at higher concentrations.
    Eye protection: closely fitting goggles
    Hand protection: of suitable plastic 
    Other protective equipment: rubber boots, rubber apron, chemical protective suit
    Do not eat, drink or smoke at work.
    Soiled clothing and footwear must be taken off at once and removed from room.
    Destroy contaminated leather shoes and leather gloves.
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