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Section 7:   Handling and storage

This section provides advice on safe handling, protection against fire and explosion, requirements for storage rooms and vessels, storage conditions etc..

Some substances represent a special risk if stored together with other hazardous materials. Therefore in Germany a Storage Concept has been delevoped by the VCI. Associating every product to a storage class, suitable advice concerning storage compatibility can be provided.


    Keep container tightly closed.  Ventilate room well (with air inflow and outflow). 
    Solvent-resisting equipment and floorcovering.  Use closed apparatus and containers. 
    Suck off vapours from point of discharge.  Do not empty into drains or waters.
    Product may become electrostatically charged during pouring or filling.
    Take precautionary measures agaist static discharges.
    Keep away from sources of ignition - No smoking !
    At high temperatures explosive mixtures with air are formed.
    Vapours form explosive mixture with air, which are heavier than air.
    Vapours are highly flammable and creep at ground level. 
    If ignited, the flame may cover large distances.
    Ignition may be caused by hot surfaces, sparks or flames.
    Keep away from food and drink.
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