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Section6:   Accidental release measures

This section covers personal and environmental precautions in case of spills ro accidental losses.

it should describe the dangers related to the substance or product Special attention should be paid to facts which are not obvious at first sight, like danger of slipping, ignition of combustible air gas mixtures which spread on the floor etc.

Instructions for cleaning up or picking up spilt product should be provided.


    Remove sources of ignition. 
    Cool endangered vessels and containers with sprayed water. 
    Heating raises pressure with consequent risk of bursting and explosion.
    Prevent liquid entering drains and lower-lying rooms.  Contain liquid and pump it away. 
    Take up residue with adsorbent material and dispose of this in accordance with the regulations. 
    Remove as regulated.  
    Wear breathing apparatus with separate air supply (compressed air respirator, tube apparatus) 
    at higher concentrations.
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