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RiskWare: Material Safety Data Sheets Section 5:   Fire fighting measures

This section should mention suitable extiguishing media and media that must not be used for saftety reasons. If special risks are known from the substance itself in its gaseous state, or about hazardous combustion products, they have to be mentioned as well.

Special protective equipment which should be used during fire fighting (like breathing aparatus, protective suit etc.) have to be mentioned as well as personal precautions for all those who are not invoved in the accident directly.

Some products represent a specific environmental hazard. Measures should be proposed for the case of penetration of contaminated fire fighting water into the ground, canalisation or ground water.


    Fight fire in early stages if safe to do so.
    Extinguishing media: sprayed water jet, water mist, foam, dry powder, CO2
    In case of fire, possible formation of poisonous gases.
    Wear self-sustained respirator (e.g. compressed air respirator).
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