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Section 2:   Composition, information on ingredients

The section describes the composition of the substsnce, product, or formula. Subject to commercial interests, this will include in general only hazardous substances and compositions. What is considered as hazardous material is defined in the 24 amendments of EG directive 67/548/EEC which contain several thousands of substances and compositions (like mineral oils) and their obligatory classification and labelling, which are updated on a regular basis.

The hazardous ingredients list has to include:

  • content (in %),
  • CAS-No. (if available, but highly recommended),
  • hazard symbols (as listed in or as calculated according to 67/548/EEC)
  • R phrases (indicating the specific Risk).
    Substance:    Acrylonitrile 
    amount: CAS Nr.: INDEX:       INECS:    symbols: R-Phrase:
    > 99.4% 71-43-2  608-003-00-4 203-466-5 F, T     45-11-23/24/25-38
Acrylonitrile DB example page

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