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Section 15:   Regulatory information

This section of your MSDS sould contain all regulatory information related to your product. This includes primarily directive 67/548/EEC, classification and labelling, enhanced by the R and S phrases (Risk and Safety measurements).

To mention all the regulations on a national basis is a major undertaking and may require extensive research. They partly depend on the quantity, customer, occupational area, kind of substance, physical state, which may lead to a considerable list of regulations of relevance.


    Labbelling as required by the Chemicals Hazard Information 
    and Packaging for Supply Regulations 1997 (CHIP 97) 
    and corresponding EEC directives.
    EINECS n.: 203-466-5
    Symbols :  T toxic   F highly flammable
    R45:       may cause cancer
    R11:       highly flammable
    R23/24/25: also toxic by inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed
    R38:       irritating to skin
    S53:       avoid exposure - obtain special instructions before use
    S45:       in case of accident or if the patient feels unwell, seek medical advice immediately (show the label where possible).
    UK Maximum or Occupational Exposure Limits, EH40 (HSE): MEL acrylonitrile  8 hr- TWA 2 ppm / 4.4 mg/m3
    Listed in Appendix 5: Sustances defined as carcinogens for the purpose of the COSHH regulations (risk phrase R45)
    All airborne emissions must be kept within current local and national standards.
    Subject to the Highly Flammable liquid and Liquified Petroleum Gases Regulations 1972 SI 917
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