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Section 14:   Transport information

The European transportation law is completely harmonized across member states, but dynamicr: the regulations are subjected to changes at least every two years. In 1997, the ADR dealing with transports on roads, changed more than 60% of its content

The following regulations are all relevant for Section 14:

    ADR   (Road transport) RID   (Transport by train) ADNR   (Transport on inland waterways)
    IMDG  (Marine transport) ICAO/IATA   (Air transport)

Dispatch by post may be subjected to national restrictions which should be mentioned in the MSDS.


    GGVSee/IDMG code: 3.2   
    UN n.:            1093       
    MFAG:             215       
    EmS:              3-02
    PG:               I    
    MPO:              NO
    GGVE/GGVS:        Class 3 n. 11 a                 
    RID/ADR:          Class 3 n. 11 a
    ADNR:             Class 3 n. 11 a Cat -- 
    ICAO/IATA-DGR:    3 1093 I
    Warning sign:     Hazard Nr. 336   Substance Nr. 1093
    Declaration for land shipment:   1093 Acrylnitril, stabilisiert
    Declaration for sea shipment:    Acrylnitrile, inhibited
    Declaration for shipment by ait: Acrylnitrile, inhibited
    Other information: Highly flammable, flash point -5deg C. 
    Toxic. Pungent smelling.  Keep separated from foodstuff.
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