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Section 13:   Disposal considerations

This section of the MSDS is subject to major changes as the related European laws have been harmonized recently. It is coming into force in most of the EU countries within the next two years; unfortunately, it is becoming much more complicated. Not only is the substance class of your product relevant for classification, but in future the specific use and the type of industry of your customer as well.

The section should mention waste code, cleaning advices for uncleaned packages and for remains of the product. Especially in Germany it should consider the regulations dealing with recycling of packages and containers.


    May be incinerated in a suitable facility provided local regulations are observed.
    Waste water containing product residues must be subjected 
    to suitable pre-tratement before disposal.
    Soiled, empty containers are to be treated in the same way as the contents.
    When uncleaned empty containers are passed on, the recipient must be warned 
    of any possible hazard that may be caused by residues.
    Do not open containers with abrasive cutting machine or cutting torch.
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