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Section 12:   Ecological information

Ecological and ecotoxicological information represents the latest addition to MSDS: A new hazard symbol (N, hazardous for the environment) has been introduced some years ago, and ecotoxicological data must be provided for chemical substances and products now.

This should conatin the following data:

    • Environmental degradation
    • Biodegradability
    • Ecotoxic effects (on fish, daphnia, algae and bacteria)
    • DOC / COD / BOD5
    • Behavior in the environmental compartments (air, soil, water, biota).

Important meta data include the method used for determination, temperature and duration of exposure.


    Do not allow to escape into waters, waste water or soil.
    Biological degradability: easily degradable.
    Does not - according to present knowledge- disturbe waste water purification if properly used.
    Acute bacterial toxicity: EC0 on Pseudomonas fluorescens: 400 mg/l, Duration of test 16-18 h
    Acute fish toxicity: LC50 on Leuciscus idus: 28 mg/l, Duration of test 48 h
    Water pollution class (WGK): 3-high impairment of water quality
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