RiskWare/NIR Emission Source Data Base

RiskWare/NIR uses HOT Objects to configure, display, and analyse emission source objects from the underlying common data base. The objects are summarised by a ranking page, that provides both a map display of their location as well as a (ranked) listing of all instances.

The following Object types are implemented for the two main classses,

  • antennas and
  • power lines:
    • Antenne or Transmitter (point source);
      there are several distinct transmitter types but with shared attribute lists that each link to a (generic) physical nstallation (impianti) that has a defined location (reference to the GIS), an owner/operator and possibly branch offices, as well as possibly several (other) antenne and associated measurements.

    • Elettrodotti (Power Lines) (line source)

    Relational tables include:

    TABLE name content description
    ANTENNEAntenna antenna data
    ATTENUAZIONIPATTERNIrradiation pattern describes electric and electromagnetic characteristics
    CEMMeasurements field measurements associated with a site/source
    COMMUNIMunicipalities where the sources (IMPIANTI) are located
    VIEstreets street names of locations
    GESTORIOwner/operator address and contact information
    GESTORIFILIALIlocal owner/operator address and contact information
    IMPIANTISources/installations physical unit of implemenattion
    MODELLIANTENNEAntenna types technical descriptions
    TIPIPATTERNirradiation pattern for different antenna types
    PROTOCOLLIprotocols administrative information
    PUNTIINSTALLAZIONElocations of the sites and antenna installations
    STATIPRATICAstate of authorization administrative information
    TIPIPRATICAauthorization procedure administrative information

    Emission Sources Object Classes

    The above tables provide several entry points (listings in the selection page) or organizing dimensions for the data base:

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