Multimedia Tools for
Advanced GIS Training in Europe

The MUTATE project is funded by the Educational Multimedia Task Force of the European Union.

Model Server Communication

For the integration of the MUTATE Model Server into the courses of the MUTATE Bundle, several communication and integration mechanisms are foreseen:

  • individual calls to the model server from XML/HTML pages; a complete set of scenario specifications is sent to the Model Server cgi (Post request);
    the model server returns its results in graphical format (GIF, PNG); this may consist of the model results (in different graphical renderings) with or without background maps, or possibly specific graphs derived from the primary model results;

  • output files deposited by the model server in a standard directory; the primary output of the simulation models are cell-grid files with scalar or vector data;

  • media player a separate interface that provides access to all the model functions; here the caller can specify a parameter mask that defines a (sub)set of parameters for user editing. The media player provides its own interface for the display of model results, and has an (optional) data export function (see above).

Demo Examples

A few (early, primitive, and premature) demo examples are available below:

Extremely Simple
air quality demo
Very Simple
air quality demo
Another Simple
air quality demo

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