Multimedia Tools for
Advanced GIS Training in Europe

The MUTATE project is funded by the Educational Multimedia Task Force of the European Union.

MUTATE Consortium

The MUTATE consortium was conceived in order to get the proper mix of academic entities, with the scientific and pedagogic competence to support such an initiative, and private companies with a reputation for the development of innovative software products, guaranteeing that the final tools developed have support in the future and that they will be exploited commercially. The consortium includes seven partners, under the co-ordination of Chiron:

Environmental Software & Services (ESS), an SME from Austria, a leading developer of interactive dynamic tools for Web environments;
Chiron, an SME from Portugal, with past experience and competence on the development of tools for Web Courses and course management (
UU, the University of Utrecht, from the Netherlands, one of the best known centers of GIS teaching and research in Europe (;
URS, the University of Rome La Sapienza, from Italy, with a long tradition in the development and teaching of courses for planning activities based on GIS;

UF, the University of Ferrara, from Italy, a leading institution in the development of multimedia tools for GIS teaching;

KTH, the Royal Institute of Stockholm, Centre for Geoinformatics of the KTH Department of Geodesy and Photogrammetry, a leading institution in geographic teaching;
UG, the University of Geneva, from Switzerland, a leading institution in the field of application of GIS to decision making.

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