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Environmental Modelling and Simulation:
Dynamic Spatial Analysis

Author:   Kurt Fedra   Copyright 1999

This course is based on lectures from the Geomatique Programme at the University of Geneva, Switzerland and courses in Environmental Systems Analysis at the University of Trento at Rovereto, Italy..


Course Contents
Introduction An introduction to environmental problems as spatial problems
Environmental modeling An overview of environmental modeling, its history, philosophy, basic approach, tools, and application domains
Modeling and GIS Integrating environmental models with GIS, levels of integration, the basic concepts
Application examples Case studies with dynamic model linkages and exercises using the models
   Air quality: Industrial point sources and population exposure, compliance with air quality standards;
   Air quality: A district heating environmental impact assessment case;
   Transportation routing environmental impacts and safety (dangerous goods);
   Air quality Transportation generated pollution in urban and regional situations;
   Emergency management Implications for landuse planning and zoning;
   Groundwater quality Protecting wells from a landfill with a hydraulic barriers, simulation of sanitation measures;
   Coastal water quality Ocean outfalls and bathing water quality.

In addition to the set of modules above, a short on-line slide-show provides an introduction to the integration of simulation models and GIS, based on a lecture series in Geomatique at the University of Geneva. Environmental Simulation
Lecture Notes

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