Multimedia Tools for
Advanced GIS Training in Europe

The MUTATE project is funded by the Educational Multimedia Task Force of the European Union.

The Geneva Case Study

The Geneva Case Study provides a concrete framework for the basic set of server functions (ISC-3 ST and ISC-3 LT model server, GIS server) together with HTML/FORMS as user interface, that are using the data sets of the AIDAIR Geneva project.

The main objective is to demonstrate and document the different possibilities of integrating the dynamic model components in standard HTML pages of the lecture units, define and transmit parameters, and configure the model and GIS servers for illustration and exercises within different course modules.

The example below is being prepared for the annual post graduate programme in Geomatique at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Lecture example

    Lecture 1.1.4: Analysing impacts on air pollution

    Section 4: from Data to Information and Decision


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