MUTATE:     Multimedia Tools for
Advanced GIS Training in Europe

The MUTATE project is funded by the Educational Multimedia Task Force of the European Union.

Model Demos

MUTATE environmental modeling tools developed and implemented by ESS are based on a generic client-server architecture that combines a powerful model server for high-performance computations required for interactive modeling with the flexibility of an HTML or Java based user interface.

The models can be used interactively, with the scenario parameters defined through either HTML FORMS or a Java applet; the user specified parameters are sent to the server, where basic data and the model executable are located. The model is triggered through cgi, and the results are sent back to the client either as a complete GIF plus HTML pages, or as data streams interpreted by the Java applet.

In addition, the models can store, on the server, any or all of their outputs in various file formats; these data can then be retrieved by the clients e.g., using an ftp request, which opens the possibility to display and analyse the file with local tools on the client machine.

Multiple-choice Test Demo

A simple example of a multiple-choice test in connection to an introductory lecture on spatial environmental analysis and modeling demonstrates how the automatic processing of the answers can be used to modify the students learning path by asking him to revisit individual modules.

The Geneva case study

Provides some documentation and live examples for the model and GIS servers with their associated client applets, using the Geneva application of AirWare and its data sets as the example.

The generic GIS server

The GIS server produces a map in GIF format, in a user defined size, with an interactively selected stack of overlays, combining raster and line features.
The server can also generate these maps as background for the Geneva ISC model server.

The Rome case study

Provides some documentation and first examples for the emergency management model (Metodo Speditivo) and GIS server with their associated HTML pages and forms, intended for application with data from Rome (local maps and population data).

A second example for Rome will use the ISC air quality models for a transportation emission and near-field immission model.

The ISC generic example

This is an example of the ISC-3 short- and long-term models with an HTML (Frames and FORM) interface; here the server runs either the short-term or long-term version of the model, and returns the results (the spatially distributed concentration field) already displayed over the background map A black-and-white orthophoto). The numerical results can also be downloaded by ftp.

Kernel-based convolution

To use the basic models also for very large numbers of sources (several hundred to thousands), an alternative solution method is demonstrated for the long-term model, and in connection to the MARKAL energy planning model.

The 3D-wind field model

DWM is a diagnostic wind model, that can generate a spatially distributed wind field in several vertical layers from ojne or more geostrophic observation points and information on the orography and surface roughness. It is used a a pre-processor for the dynamic multi-puff model below.

The dynamic multi-puff model

This is an example of a simple dynamic model, still based on a Gaussian approach, using however a 3D terrain correction and a 3D wind field. The multi-puff model simulates a sequence of discrete releases from a dynamic source, which it then traces and integrates over the model area. The result produced is a GIS animation.

Monitoring data analysis

Here a tool to interprete air quality data from time series measurements is provided. Having a comprehensive data base at hand the values from different locations are spatially interpolated by means of various algorithms.

Traffic network

A given street network is subdivided into a large number of segments which in turn may be regarded as line sources of traffic emissions. Again this is a case for the kernel-based convolution approach.

The 2D-ground water model

model server in preparation .....

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