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RiverBasinObject: Reservoirs

Reservoirs objects describe dams and reservoirs as well as natural lakes, with or without controlled outflow. A Reservoir Object is defined by its Attributes are grouped into topics that are shown in pop-up windows triggered by (optional) BUTTONS. They include, optionally and depending on type and data availability:
  1. Attributes basic list of charactieristics (Descriptors)
  2. Admin administrative data on the operator, owner, institutions;
  3. Dam technical and construction data on the dam itself
  4. Geometry information - leads to the detailed display and editor for the Depth - surface area - volume TABLE graph;
  5. Power - additional data for reservoirs that also are used for power generation.
  6. Ecology information including data on fisheries and tourism.
  7. Links to other related objects (such as monitoring stations, the catchment of the reservoir, settlements in the catchment or supplied, irrigations districts.

Main Page attributes

On the main object display page, and under the OBJECT HEADER, we show:
  • Depth - surface area - volume TABLE graph- leading to the corresponding detailed display and editor in a pop-up window;
  • TS graph for long-term levels;
  • TS graph for long-term release;

General Attributes

A list of variables characterising the reservoirs, stored as descriptors:
    catchment_size total extend of the catchment (upstream of the outflow point) in km2
    year_of_completion year of completion of reservoir construction or any major restoration; can beused to estimate operational performance
    geology local dominant geology, can be used to estimate seepage
    mean_annual_inflow average ot target value, in Mill m3.
    maximum_inflow long-term maximum, daily average peak flow
    irrigation_command_area size of the associated irrigation area, if any
    power generation capacity design capacity for power generation
    trophic_state trophic state, defined as symbolic label in the expert system's knowledge base
    macrophyte_coverage fraction of the area that is typically covered by macrophytes, if any.

Dam characteristics

A list of variables describin the dam with a parallel hypertext display window for graphical information, free text, pictures and plans, drawings etc.
    URL hypertext link for technical description, plans, etc.
    dam_type type of dam construction, one out of a set of symbolic labels defined in the expert systems knowledge base
    dam_length length of the dam's crest
    dam_volume material volume of the dam contruction itself
    current_storage_capacity current storage capacity, may be below total due to siltation
    total_storage_capacity sum of all storage volumes
    useful_storage storage volume between dead and flood storage
    dead_storage volume of storage below outflow level
    flood_control_storage storage volume above useful storage until spill level
    spillway_type type or shape of spillway
    spillway_head head or elevation of the spillway (spill level)
    spillway_crest_length width, or length of the spillway crest (a fraction of the dam's entire crest)
    spill_capacity maximum flow that can be spilled without damage to the spillways
    outflow_type type of outflow, defined as a set of symbolic options in the knowledge base
    outflow_head elevation of the outflow (lowest in case of multi-level outlets)
    outflow_capacity maximum outflow

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