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WRM scenarios: consistency checking

To facilitate usingthe on-line editing tools, a basic consistency checking for scenarios should be introduced. This can be used:
  • ON DEMAND, as part of the editors, at the top level of the scenario;
  • AUTOMATICALLY, before a model run.
The consistency checker should be built modular, as a seqency of individual steps, that can easily be extended; its output should be put into the data base, so that a separate reporting module can generate the test report and display the information: this makes sharing the tool between web and X11 version easier.

Below is a SIMPLE SET of initial things to check ;
but it still would catch MOST user generated scenarios at this stage and thus be VERY USEFUL !!!

Things to check and report

Basic report:

  1. Scenario name, creation/modification date, author;
  2. number of nodes, number of reaches, total length;


  1. Connectivity: check that all nodes defined are being used in reaches, reaches only refer to nodes defined;
  2. Well formed network:
    • must have at least one start node, one end node;
    • all nodes have the right number of reaches:
    • all reaches connect DIFFERENT nodes (a reach can not connect two identical nodes);
      • start and end nodes: 1
      • Geometry, control, reservoir, demand: 2
      • confluence and diversion: 3
      • MULTIPLE diversions: 4 or 6 (not yet implemented)
  3. NODE data:
    • all TS required are defined, no multipliers are 0;
    • if alternative strategies are selected (% diversion, reservoirs release rule) the required parameters are defined;
    • checking for maximum length ? Warning if a reach is longer than 50 km;

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