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    Release Level 5.4 Release Date 2008 10 Revision Level 1.0

System Logfiles

AirWare logs all major interactions, and in particular all component functions of the automatic scheduled tasks in a common data base for Log messages.

These messages can be viewed, sorted and analysed from the Administration link System Log on the bottom of the Main Menu page.

The log entries contain:

  • Date and time stamp
  • Service name
  • Function name
  • Short description
  • STATUS indication
The listing can be sorted and filtered by any of the column titles. The primary sorting is chronological.

Since every function records START and END status, any missing END log for any given START log indicated a failed process.

Status Codes

The color codes have the following meaning:
  1. RED: an error has been enountered;
  2. ORANGE: an error condition was detected, but the corresponding exception was triggered (NOSTART);
  3. GREENE: the operations has been completed successfuly.
The following codes are used in the STATUS column:
UPPER CASE status codes refer to the simulation models MM5, AERMOD, CAMx, and PBM:
  • START: function started to run
  • END: function ended successfully
  • NOSTART: refers to Nowcast and Forecast; Only one Nowcast (Forecast) run is allowed at a time. Whenever the preceding run is not completed, the scheduled run will not start and a log entry "NOSTART" will be generated.
  • INPUT ERROR: refers to the models (AERMOD, CAMx, PBM) and is generated when the input data are not sufficient (the model will not start).
  • FAILED: the input data check is passed, the model started to run, but failed.
  • ABORT: the model run was interrupted.
The lower case codes refer to data base operations such as the loading of monitoring data.

Data Base Maintenance

To avoid endless growing of these log data, an automatic pruning to a maximum period (default: 30 days) has been implemented.

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