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    Release Level 5.4 Release Date 2008 10 Revision Level 1.0

Matrix Object

Spatially distributed models require spatially distributed input data, and produce spatially distributed results.

In AirWare, all model related spatial data use the same, common data format and are described as matrix OBJECT.
Matrix objects are read-only, they are generated by mode pre-processors or are model generated output. Matrix objects (which can contain one or mode 2D matrix) are selected from a standard selector/navigator, selection properties rea:

  • matrix name
  • model domain
  • parameter (Descriptor)
  • generation method
  • generation date
  • N of layers
  • N of time steps

A Matrix is a named object with the standard object MEATA DATA header.

The attributes of a matrix include:

  • Object META DATA including name and description;
  • Class specific attributes include:
    • generation method (symbolic name of the pre-processor or model)
    • the model domain that provides location references; these include:
      • map coordinates of the origin (lower left corner);
      • aspect ratio (symbolic selection between square 1:1 and landscape 4:3);
      • East-West extent in km
      • North-South extent in km (computed, read only)
      • area covered (in km², computed, read only).
    • Matrix geometry:
      • cell size (only square cells are supported;
      • number of cells in X and Y directions.
    • Parameter (based on a Descriptor, the parameter is either scalar or a 2D vector in case of wind fields)
    • number of layers
    • time stamp of first (set of) matrices
    • number of time steps
  • Statistics:
    average, minimum, maximum, non-zero average, histogram (10 classes, color coded with automatically generated raibow colors also used for 2D display).

Please note: a complex system of matrix analysis/comparison similar to the time series analysis is in preparation for future releases.

Matrix display

When a matrix is selected from the selector/navigator, its default display shows the first instance( lowest layer, first time step) color coded corresponding to the histogram. Selector/buttons (tape deck) support switching between layers and time steps. The matrix can also be shown in a full-size pop-up window for more detail.

Matrix import

An interactive import function supports the upload of matrices prepared by external tools such as a spreadsheet.

Matrix export

Model results matrices can be exported in CSV format with a 14 record header for META DATA.

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