RTXPS on-line Manual: Student Evaluation

Release: 1.4
Date: September 2003

Built-in Evaluation

To assist in the evaluation of students, and across students of a course, the following option is available based on the built-in text functions:
  1. Elements of FORMATIVE evaluation:

    To support this, a questionnaire ABOUT the course and course perception by the students can be integrated.

    The modify the basic test tool the option single_choice was added to the test configuration editor. This enforces the choice of a single answer; We have also introduced the option free_text to support free text responses as part of the course evaluation questions.

  2. Elements of SUMMATIVE evaluation:

    In each course, the designer can introduce a normal test at the beginning, and at the end of the course. The two passes of that test can then be compared over all (common) questions, both in terms of the time spent and the points reached.

    PLEASE NOTE: to use this facility (and external tool) the following conventions should be used:

    • The test name should be: COURSENAME_1 and COURSENAME_2 for the first and second test, respectively. Please note that while the test should contain the SAME set of questions, they test can differ in modes such as time out, random sequence, and built-in evaluation/explanation options (recommended for the second version !).

    • The tool is invoked by the trainer/tutor from the main page, selecting a student and the corresponding course; The result is shown on an HTML page, includes a header with student and course name, dates and times, as well as a list of the questions in the test, with the time spent on each question and the number of points achieved, in a table comparing the first (calibration) and second (evaluation) pass.

Comparing a number of individual student evaluations across a course will yield an average performance increase due to the course, measured in terms of absolute or relative increase in points achieved (correct answers) and a possible decrease in the time used.


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