RTXPS on-line Manual: user authentication

Release: 1.1
Date: January 2003

User authentication

A-team pages are accessible from ess.co.at as well as from outside. One should access them through a-team entry point ( which takes care of authentication. Users who do not have an account yet can create one on the fly. All users can create courses and tests, run courses, models, and tests (questionnaires). Every piece of information the system receives from the user, is saved together with his user name and cannot be overwritten by other users.

Current implementation:

User authentication is based on a php script who compares user name and password provided by the user with information in the data base and creates new user accounts. Within a session, user name is derived from session id and cannot be reset by the user (for security reasons). In order to change their identity, users have to start another session.

Multi-language feature based on language specific configuration files (see EXAMPLE)


Future plans:

Enforce authentication - to make sure a-team entry point is used editors may only be accessible to predefined users.

The next extension must also cover students in addition to the currently supported developers group only. This is to be based on the integration with the DocCentre Student administration module.

.DocCentre integration:

A major improvement is on the user management domain. There are now 4 main types of users:
  1. Administrators - Myself
  2. Course authors - You all
  3. Tutors - to be implemented
  4. Students
Only the administrators can create a course and assign an author to it. From then on, the course author is free to define topics and insert content. I have created a course for each of the teams and created the following users (password is the same in capital letters, but you can change it).
  1. ASIT
  2. ESS
  3. DNV
To login as an author use the manager tool also available at ateam.chiron.pt. At login four parameters will be asked:
    System: www2.chiron.pt
    Domain: ATEAM
At the moment you can only login in Portuguese but the English version will be available today (check the pull-down menu in the login window). I need volunteers to translate a couple of terms to German and Italian.

You can change your pwd by pressing ctrl+shift+F1 whenever you at logged in.


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