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    Release Level 6.0
    Release Date 2009 01
    Revision Level 1.0
Last modified on:   Monday, 20-Jul-09 14:05 CEST

Animation, MPEG player

Dynamic model results can be visualized as animated time series, using a Java based MPEG player.
Memory requirements
To load and view also longer movies, the client side Java VM has to be configured to allocate sufficient memory, up to 240 MB:
  • ControlPanel -> Java -> pane called Java
  • JavaAppletRuntimeSettings (click on View)
  • in Java Runtime Parameters type: -Xmx230m
  • click ok -> click apply

The player is started from the model scenario levels and the button ANIMATION positioned under the map window.

The applet first loads (snd shows) the entire movie at maximum speed, then rewinds and re-runs the sequence at low speed.

The user can:

  • start and stop (halt) the player;
  • select the speed;
  • move forward a frame at a time;
  • rewind to the beginning, or jump forward to the last frame;

    An export button can put the underlying MPEG file on the client computer to analyse with any alternative player.

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