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Automatic Time Series Data Imports

Time Series in AirWare are by default of hourly resolution.

Import Dialog

Time series data can be imported

Real-time data import:

For a given monitoring station, a real-time connection to a (remote or local) data base that holds real-time monitoring data can be defined.

For the real-time data acquisition, paramerts include:

  • User name and pasword for data base access;
  • IP address of the data base server;
  • Data base type (ORACLE, MySQL, PostgreSQL);
  • Data base and Table names; these will be used for all parameters that do not have specifc, individual data base and table names defined;
  • Date and time column names;
  • Time shift: delay in minutes after the full hour, when the data acquisition will be attempted;
  • Status to switch the import on or off.
followed with a list of parameters (time series) defined for this monitoring stations, where for each parameter the data base, table, column name as well as a condition (SQL WHERE clause) can be defined

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