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    Release Level 5.4 Release Date 2008 10 Revision Level 1.0
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Map Set

Maps are organised in an application specific MapSet.

The MapSet defines:

  1. the common projection for all maps
  2. the common coordinate system for all maps
  3. the bounding box for the application, which should coincide with the main
    model domain (AirWare) that covers the area of interest;
  4. the location in the file system of the raw map data
  5. the default map shown in the MapCompser and MapSet interface.

The latter (the default map) can be changed by the user; all other features must be consistently configured by the administrator in the data base:

Data bases, tables, and files

    DATA BASES: mapc, gis
    DATA BASE TABLES: mapset_data, overlay_data
    DATA PATH: user configured in the MapSet main page, default: /gis

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