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    RTXPS  On-line Reference Manual

      Release Level 2.0
      Release Date 2012 06
      Revision Level 1.0
    Document was last modified on:   Monday, 13-Aug-12 17:45 CEST
    Rule editors

    RTXPS provide interactive, graphical on-screen editor for both

    RTXPS rule editor (forward chaining)

    The rule are listed sequentilly, each record is the link to the riule editor.

    Rulr sequence can be adjusted with a set of up - down arrows on the right hand side of each record. A button new triggers the rule edito with an empty templat, that provides the correct syntactic structure for the RULES; all feasible terms (operators, operands: DESCRIPTORS, FUNCTIONS, legal attributes of a DESCRIPTOR selected) are provied a options of pull-down menus.

    Additional AND and OR clauses can be added or deleted from the TEMPLATE as required.

    Individual RULES can also be copied, then modified as required. At the level of the editor, RULES can also be deleted subject to the users ownership and level of permissions.

    XPS rule editor (backward chaining)

    Backward chaining RULE editor is organized with exactly the same syntax and structure. Backward chaining RULES< however, are

    • always related to the DESCRIPTOR (target) the set;
    • have only ONE ACTION possible, which is the assignment of their target DESCRIPTOR value from the range of legal value provided by the pull-down menu for thsi assigment.


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