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    RTXPS  On-line Reference Manual

      Release Level 2.0
      Release Date 2012 06
      Revision Level 1.0
    Document was last modified on:   Tuesday, 14-Aug-12 08:46 CEST

    RTXPS manual pages:

    The on-line manuals cover the following main topics:

      A short description of the basic RTXPS concepts, functionality, configuration options, scope and implementation.
      Introduces a common standard TERMINOLOGY for concepts and implementation to help read the manuals .....

      Each manual page shows a header with the release level and last modification date;
      The icon in the upper right corner leads back to the Table-of-Contents page; The comment button (upper right, under the TOC icon) will trigger a form for problem reporting or comments; submitting a report or comment will trigger a mail to the system administrator and the user support team that will provide a response asap.

      Where applicable (for all interactive pages) access to the manual pages is linked from the respective pages for the specific topic relevant to that particular page.

      Each RTXPS application home page includes link to the manual start page or Table of Contents.

      The Manual is structured into several sections:

      • a user manual and reference manual for RTXPS, the forward chaining real-time expert system
      • user and reference manual for the embedded XPS, a backward chaining expert system used to provide rule-based assessment of the variable of the condition part of the RTXPS RULES;
      • general utilities common to the two branches;
      • manual pages for the CourseWare eLearning platform that is based on RTXPS.

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