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      Release Level 2.0
      Release Date 2012 06
      Revision Level 1.0
    Document was last modified on:   Saturday, 11-Aug-12 21:54 CEST

    RTXPS Dynamic Knowledge Base

    At the core of the forward chaining expert system is a Dynamic Knowledge Base, that maintains context, status and history of the inference system.

    The Dynamic Knowledge Base can get updated:

    • from any of the ACTIONS in the forward chaining inference loop, including the results of forecasting and simulation model (scheduled or event driven), an optimization model resul, or the rules of the backward chaining expert system XPS, trigger by or as a consequence of, any RTXPS ACTION.

    • interactively by the user/operator through the interactive interface (STATUS BOARD);

    • by any asynchronous event with direct access to the dynamic KB such as sensor/monitoring data, external signals, alerts, alarms, etc.,

    Dynamic Knowledge Base

    mysql> describe dynamic_KB_act;
    FieldTypeNull Key Default Description
    id int(11) NO PRI NULLautoincrement
    namevarchar(255) YES NULL of the descriptor, links to its definition and related data, TABLE: descriptors
    modified datetime YES NULL timestamp of the change
    newvalue varchar(255) YES NULL new value set
    oldvalue varchar(255) YES NULL redundant luxury, but useful for performance
    method varchar(255) YES NULL one of user or model, sensor, etc.

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