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    RTXPS  On-line Reference Manual

      Release Level 2.0
      Release Date 2012 06
      Revision Level 1.0
    Document was last modified on:   Friday, 10-Aug-12 14:00 CEST

    RTXPS configuration

    An RTXPS INSTANCE or APPLICATION is defined by its Knowledge Base (and any other relevant data base), that corresponds to a directory name in

      /var/www/RTXPS/[DIRECTORY] where DIRECTORY corresponds to the name of the RTXPS APPLICATION.

    For an APPLICATION [APPLICATION], the plain text file that provides all further data base access information is located in:

      file type default name
      RTXPS configuration /var/www/RTXPS/[APPLICATION]/CONFIG
      RTXPS home page /var/www/RTXPS/[APPLICATION]/index.html, index.php

    togethe with the home page of the user interfacei and status indications,

    The Descriptors are defined and managed in a shared Knowledge Base with interactive editor (default KB name: ???)

    Configuration data base and interface

    The configuration data base table consists of triplets of

    • parameter name (a DESCTRIPTOR, numerical/hybird or text string, which guarantees for most parameters that only legal values can be selected);
    • the parameter value (that can be set with the basic DESCRIPTOR editor and the associated change log)
    • a comment, free text, explaining the parameter function.
    The configuration data base table editor is accessible from the application home page; it is read only for normal and guest users, and read-write for ADMIN group users.

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