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    RTXPS  On-line Reference Manual

      Release Level 2.0
      Release Date 2012 06
      Revision Level 1.0
    Last modified on:   Wednesday, 8-Aug-12 21:43 CEST

    Access control, login

      RTXPS applications provide their own local access control, login, and user management and authentication system

    Network level access control

      Primary access to the applications is through the web server on (default) port 80;
      this provides the possibility of domain or IP based access control through any configurable router, gateway, or firewall.

      Options include access control by country, domain, IP, or referrer. All access to the start/login page as well as any attempts at access that are denied are logged separately. Access control is based on a simple file in the web home directpry of the applicatio, access.conf.

    Web Server access control
      The second level of access control can be configured at the Apache web server configuration level.

    Application level login

      Session level user management is provided by an application specific login and user authentication.

      The login dialog offers a default login as user "guest" and associated password "guest"; this account is open, but limited (no write privileges other than for self created object and scenarios, and the excution of larger model runs requires administrator approval).

      Access by user guest can be enables or disabled; the account can also be configued to require an explicit login, or anonymous users can be moved directly to the application start page as user: guest without any explicit login.

      The login page also offers simple utility to check the curent clients browser configuration to make sure all setting correspond to the requirements of the application (e.g., Java and JavaScript enabled, pop-ups enabled).

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